5 Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam Netherlands

Beautiful Destination Places in Amsterdam – Some of the best experiences in the city come at no cost. Here are five of our favorites. Like many other major cities, Amsterdam isn’t exactly famous for being cheap—and that’s a challenge if you’re on a budget. Many of the city’s most popular sights, however, do come free. The parks, canals, and other waterways cost nothing to experience, and there are a number of other cultural attractions that you can enjoy completely free, as they say here in the Netherlands.

1. The Concertgebouw

Concertgebouw beautiful place in Amsterdam

A free classical concert in one of the world’s greatest concert halls? Sounds too good to be true, but every Wednesday at lunchtime that’s exactly what’s on offer at the Concertgebouw. The latest series just started up again this month and will run through June. You can pick up a free ticket (one per person) on the day of the show starting at 11:30 a.m. (get there early—when they’re gone, they’re gone); the concert takes place from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. The program is varied, and you can check the website a week in advance to see what’s on.
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2. Rijksmuseum Gardens


Take a stroll in the beautiful destination place in amsterdam formal gardens of the Rijksmuseum, which are dotted with intriguing artworks. There’s a life-size chessboard, a fountain by contemporary Danish artist Jeppe Hein, and post-war climbing frames by architect Aldo van Eyck. The gardens also host rotating sculpture exhibitions—currently there are 21 sculptures on show by the Spanish artist Joan Miró until October 11.
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3. Central Library

Central Library bibliotheek OBA best place in amsterdam

At the Netherlands’ biggest library, the Centrale Bibliotheek, you can read the international papers for free, and while wifi isn’t completely free, you can purchase 30 minutes for little more than a dollar by using one of the ticket machines. Upstairs on the 7th floor there is a café with a terrace that boasts wonderful city views.
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4. Civic Guard Gallery

Civic Guard Gallery best beautiful place in amsterdam

At the Amsterdam Museum, a collection of Golden Age group portraits—in the same lineage as Rembrandt’s Night Watch—hang in the beautiful arcade by the entrance (along with some more modern versions, and a giant ancient wooden statue of Goliath), where you can see them for free.
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5. City Archives in Amsterdam

City archives top beautiful place in amsterdam

While the exhibitions upstairs at the Stadsarchief (City Archives) come with a small charge, downstairs, in the basement, ‘The Treasury’ displays significant items from the city’s history at no cost, from ancient maps to documents from the Nazi occupation.
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