15 Best Places to Visit in Tokyo Japan

Who doesn’t know about Tokyo city in Japan? Almost people know this city because there are many wonderful places. Tokyo is a capital city that If you have an opportunity for traveling in Tokyo, there’s list of 15 things to do in Tokyo.

1. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is observation and communication tower in the district of Minato, Tokyo. In this place you can find beautiful views of Tokyo, and where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views. The building structure is very like Eiffel Tower, and this place made from prefabricated steel. It is called light because only have weight 4000 metric ton.

2. Tsukiji Fish Market

Do you like seafood? When you traveling in Japan and you wish to eat fish you can find in this place. At Tsukiji market, you can buy fruits, vegetables and also fish in central Tokyo.

3. Harajuku

Do you like shopping and follow trend fashion? Harajuku is a place where you shop a local wonderful design for tourist. Nearby Harajuku Station so people called this place to Harajuku. Many people know it for shopping, not for the train. Harajuku is wonderful boutiques and stores.

4. Ginza

When you look for luxury entertainment, you can choose to visit Ginza. A stunning place to stay in Tokyo. You can shopping, entertainment, and also dining with your family. There are many exclusive restaurants and luxury shopping for tourist.

5. SkyTree

Tokyo SkyTree is the highest tower in Tokyo, and there can look beautiful views of the city. In this place, you can get some souvenir at the base of a tower. Tourist can find an excellent restaurant on the top floor from this place.

6. Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

Photo: www.japantimes.co.jp

This is an excellent place for fun playing. Tokyo Disney Resort has shopping place, land of fantasy, and you can find stunning theme park. This place has two parks, and you can choose for shopping and eating in luxury restaurants.

7. Ueno Park

If you like to travel for the natural environment, you can choose this beautiful place. In Ueno Park, there are many museums, that contain temples, great restaurants, national museum, and also shopping places. Tourist can bring a mat for relaxing in the park, also eat some snack and drink water.

8. Rainbow Bridge

Do you like night views in Tokyo? Now, you can see beautiful and colorful night time lighting. You can find wonderful experience when visiting this place. The bridge connects Tokyo with Odaiba and Tokyo Bay, so this very beautiful night experience with your friends.

9. Asakusa Temple

You can look stunning architecture when arriving in Japan. This wonderful Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is colorful and popular temples in Tokyo. Tourist also can find a shopping street of over 200 m that called Nakamise.

10. Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue located in front of Shibuya Station in Tokyo. This place becomes famous for meeting in Tokyo. People that animal lover and dog can be visiting it, also a statue symbolizes loyalty of a dog to master.

11. Yoyogi Park

Do you like cycling with the natural environment? Yoyogi Park allows you to relax wonderful atmosphere, also you see live on the outdoor stage. This park is best for outdoor activities, picnicking, also jogging for sports experience.

12. Odaiba

Odaiba is the great place for the visitor to dining and shopping. In this place, you can find a spot to see a beauty of the night view and the sunset. You can enjoy and jog in the beach area with your friends.

13. Edo Tokyo Museum

A great museum in Tokyo was opened since 1993. You can find wonderful experience about Tokyo lifestyle from Edo period till now. You can learn about earlier Tokyo like the life of People from Edo Period architecture.

14. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum opened since 1872, that make oldest and largest museum in Japan. In this area, you can easy to access public transport. Tourist also can find the home to shop, restaurants, and cafe.

15. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

This great place is the public garden that situated in Shinjuku and Shibuya district of Tokyo. The garden has stunning tea houses, so you can relaxing in this place. The park destroyed during World War II but reopened in 1949 as a beautiful public park.